Explore Alta Badia with a mountain guide

A passion for altitude

To discover the real beauty of the Dolomites, benefit from the company and from precious advice of Manuel Agreiter, the manager of Kostner Mountain  Hut, who knows these mountains like the back of his hand.

...I am a real "montagnard"...I like to be called that, but I also love the sea...I live and stay in the mountains every day and I can't think of a better way of life...when I was 18 years old I became a Ski-instructor and after few years also a UIAGM Mountain Guide...I also believe in mountain rescue, where I assist as a Heli-rescueman at Aiut Alpin Dolomites...with the help of my wife Cristina and my son Matteo, we run the Rifugio since 30 years...every single day I thank my lucky star to be born in a wonderful place like this...I love the silence and the peace of these mountains and I love to share it with my guests...I have lived in Corvara since I was borne and here I work as a Mountain Guide together with Alta Badia Guides, and as a Ski-instructor with the local Ski-school...I love to climb and its a very special feeling as I touch the rocks...during the Winter season I have a strong yearning to leave the ski resorts to put my skis in deep powder snow and go where there are no tracks...one of my favorite ski-tour is the crossing of the Dolomites, did the first time 40 years ago by one of the most popular alpinist, Ettore Castiglioni, starting at the Pale di San Martino ( Rolle Pass ) and ending in Sesto after six days of rock and snow full immersion, with spectacular views, feelings and experiences...